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In times of health crisis

In these difficult and unstable times, it is complicated to plan your vacation... 

In order to offer a little more sweetness in this world of brutes ;-) we have tried to make things easier for everyone.

Here are the highlights of what we have in place:

In case of new containment

No worries. In the event of new imposed confinement, your reservation could be canceled and fully refunded. 

Cancellation for health problem

In case of cancellation for health problem, no refund, the rules apply. However, you are strongly advised to take out "Holiday" insurance (ask your insurance, it generally does not impose an additional cost).

Be careful though: ask if it includes coverage related to the consequences of the Covid.

If this is not the case, some companies allow refunds, repatriations and the like in the event of cancellation of holiday stays due to contracting the virus. And this, for a low price. 

Hygiene rules

Between each rental, the house is disinfected.

Swimming pool and spa are "shocked" at the same time, so that no bacteria or other can survive.

Voir la galerie

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