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Casa Poerava is a family story, a story of the heart. Here is the very essence...

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It all starts with a Belgian story


My godmother was quite a character! 

Although Belgian, she lived half of each year in Corsica, falling in love with the island from an early age. She had the house built in 1968 but had also planted vines there, to make her own wine... according to her, the water should only be used to take her medication!

Independent, strong and a little crazy around the edges, Denyse had fascinated my mother, Nouchka, to the point of asking her to be my godmother, a bit like Cinderella's without really admitting it. They had met during an exhibition in Ajaccio, my mother being a painter.

Our relationship only really started after I was 13, my godmother was not a "fan" of children. From that day, she had a significant impact on my life, very present. In addition to the trips we often made to France or Italy, I spent almost all my vacations with her. His house has become my refuge.

Some time before closing her eyes definitively, she asked me what to do with this property, having no longer had a family for a long time. We joked about imagining her in a cat shelter, "her makeshift companions", as she put it.

But she had decided otherwise.


A pearl story


You are certainly wondering: why "Casa Poerava"? This is where my parents, Gilles and Tania, come in.

Both have traveled the world, for pleasure or duty. Met in Bastia when I was little, it was in Tahiti that they first left and got married. My father was a teacher at the time, and Tania ran a pearl farm, among other things. Yes, black pearls. 

After many other trips, and following the death of my godmother, they settled in the house and did a lot of work there to give it a new character. Tania had "cut the mountain" as we like to say, my father installed the swimming pool and they transformed the house so that it took on a facelift before naming it "Casa Poerava": the house of the black Pearl !

In China, the natural black pearl was considered a true symbol of wisdom. A more colorful version says that the Pearls are the exclusive encounter of a rainbow with the earth. What could be more beautiful than a symbol of love and wisdom to baptize a house? His identity was chosen.

mains tenant

A story for two


This house, today, is ours. The cozy cocoon where we build our life, our memories.

"We" is my companion, Régis, and me, Sophie-Fleur. I inherited this property. He adopted her.

We hope to be able to transmit to you, through the few days that you could spend with us, all the well-being that this house inspires in us. In any case, we are working on it and putting our hearts into it!

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